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Holistic Bodywork    Tantra massage    De-armouring    Embodiment & Intimacy Coach

The freedom to completely be yourself.
Saying a wholehearted YES to life, in all its facets.
Out of your head, into your body.
A rich connection with your life energy.
Integrating your shadow parts.
Releasing conditioning and dissolving blockages.
In deep connection with yourself and others.
Authentic communication and fulfilling intimacy.
Opening your heart.


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We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

My offering

Allow me to inspire and guide you on your journey to self-realization through tantra and transformative, holistic Inner Alchemy sessions. Your overall well-being is at the center of these sessions, embracing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. With unconditional love, I provide a safe space for your exploration and healing.

Welcome to my nurturing, cozy sanctuary.


 Inner Alchemy

Couples Alchemy





Come home to yourself. Inner Alchemy sessions guide your journey to healing and growth, specifically tailored to your needs. Experience self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation. Release old blockages for a life full of aliveness, freedom, and authenticity. Discover your true self and thrive.

Feel in love again and walk on clouds. Alchemy for couples offers new dimensions of connection and pleasure. Tailored sessions for your desires and intentions. Experience deep connection, authentic communication, playful creativity, and sensual discoveries.

Be in connection with others taking courageous steps on the path of personal development in events regarding tantra, embodiment, consent, intimacy, and empowerment. Feel seen and supported in a warm environment where everything is welcome, from discomfort to joy and tears to laughter.

Nice to meet you!

My name is Laya Leonie

How to fall in love with Life and live a bigger Love?

Once I felt very disconnected to my body, stressed, unhappy and struggling with intimacy with my partner. My healing journey revealed my passion for guiding others to their authentic, joyful and sensual nature. As a holistic bodyworker and embodiment & intimacy coach I guide you to reconnect to yourself and unlock your unique potential for pleasure. 

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words of appreciation

Laya Leonie

As a fellow masseur, I am very picky about who is allowed to give me a massage. I am very sensitive to the quality and purity of touch. Like no other, Laya knows how to find the right balance between a nurturing and sensual touch, which gave me plenty of space to express what was going on. I felt very safe and very welcome in her super cosy and warm massage room. She took me on a fantastic journey in which everything was welcome. After 5 minutes, I had the feeling; “this is going to be great...”. Afterwards, I realised; “this is next level!”. In short, one of the best tantric massages I have ever received.

Yves ~ tantra massage

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